Sunday, September 4, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

Welcome to the Seahawks 6th Grade Social Studies classroom blog. I use this blog to help parents and students keep track of what happens in our Social Studies classroom. On this website you can find weekly calendar postings using the "Calendar" tab, as well as pictures of classroom activities, and descriptions of what we are studying. I hope through this blog to more effectively communicate with parents and students. You might want to subscribe so that you can see when it is updated and to check the calendar for weekly assignments.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Congratulation to the Winners of War Lords of Japan

This week we finished our simulation called War Lords of Japan. This is a very exciting simulation with "battles" being fought with questions and hard work. Some students took papers home to gain extra moves for their "armies" on the board, and it paid off. Most of those hard working students came out on top.

To finish the unit, we will have a test Tuesday over China and Japan. After that we will finish the year by studying Latin American geography, and the history of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas.

Below are pictures of winning teams for our simulation War Lords of Japan.
Period 1: Max C., Stella P., Wylie H., Jessie P., and Jesus H.

Period 3: Parker J., Sean H., Jamie J., Julie I., and Rodrigo O.

Period 6: Conner N., Mia K., Megan P., Areli H., and Rey L.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

War Lords of Japan

We are having fun learning Japan's history by participating in a simulation called War Lords of Japan. In this simulation, students work as teams to become the shogun of Japan. In the 1500's, powerful warlords in Japan fought each other to become the most powerful man of the islands. They used skilled samurai warriors to carry out their commands and take over regions until they controlled all. The emperor(s) at this time were weak, while the shogun (supreme military commander) ran the show. This will be our last week of the simulation, as students read background essays every night, gain armies through quizzes to move on the board, and hopefully conquer (through questions) opposing teams' castles. It is a lot of fun, and students learn history as well.

Below are pictures of students working together in teams as they participate in War Lords of Japan.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Seahawks Outdoor School Pictures

Students had a great time at outdoor school. They were busy learning about the water cycle, different layers of soil, different plants, and wildlife. Students got wet, muddy, and had an all-around traditional outdoor school experience. Below are pictures of our experience at Cedar Ridge Outdoor School.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Continuing Our Study of Asia

Students just completed study of ancient China, which was a peek at a new culture that was new to most of them. Some of the things they learned were how China acquired its name, how it compares in size to the U.S., and students learned about the inventiveness of the ancient Chinese. In fact, many of the objects people use everyday were invented in China. Students also became aware of the environmental issues that China is experiencing today because of its push to be the economic leader of the world. After looking at China's pollution problems we discussed some things being done in our community to keep our water clean. Then we coordinated with the City of Tualatin to plant native plants in a water quality facility on Hazelbrook's campus. The plants will help filter water that drains down to the river.

Since we have basically finished our study of ancient China, we will now be looking at Japan to continue our study of Asia. This unit of study is probably the favorite of many of my students. In this unit we learn about Japan's history by forming teams and competing to become the shogun of Japan.

I am including a large number of pictures with this post showing students working to plant the water quality facility on our campus.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

On to China

We finished our unit on ancient Egypt, and have begun our study of ancient China. Last week we looked at the geography of China, and students are presently working on a map. China is interesting because of its place in the affairs of the world today. Plus, it has one of the longest histories, some of the biggest mountains, and one of the longest rivers in the world.

As part of our unit study, we will take a look at some environmental issues affecting China today as they have pushed to be the number one country economically. In their push for supremacy, they have developed some environmental problems, one of which is water pollution. We will discuss in class what we can do to prevent such issues in our community, and then with the assistance of the city of Tualatin will perform a service project on Hazelbrook property. Just outside our classroom is a water quality facility, or bioswale. On March 15th, the city will provide the materials, and students will provide the manpower. It is an exciting opportunity to help the city and our school. Any parents who would like to volunteer to help will be welcomed. Please look for a flyer to be sent home this next week. I will also be emailing families about the particulars.

Below are pictures of students working on some of their last projects during our study of Egypt.