Sunday, September 19, 2010

The First Week is a Success!

This week we have been busy reviewing basic geography skills such as cardinal and intermediate directions, continents, hemispheres, and map legends. The picture above shows an activity we did called “Continent Rip.” Students in groups were assigned a continent and told to rip its shape and write five facts about it on their ripped continent. Their group then placed the continent on the board and presented their facts. Some found this very challenging, but it is a great way to get students to examine and review continents.
This next week we will be discuss the five themes of geography, and practice latitude and longitude. This can be a challenge for some children who are still concrete thinkers. After all latitude and longitude lines are imaginary lines that require abstract thinking. Don’t worry too much if your child struggles with this. Perhaps they are developmentally still concrete thinkers. We will work on it all year.
Finally, students completed their first homework assignment that reviewed hemispheres and they did very well. Their grades have already been posted.
Our first Scholastic book order of the week is due this week on Friday, Sept. 24th. As well, students will have latitude and longitude homework that is due Thursday. I am posting the link that opens the file explaining how to order online if you desire. 
I think we are off to a great start with a routine that is becoming comfortable for the children.

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