Sunday, October 24, 2010

The First Term is Almost Over!

Parent teacher conferences went very well, and it was a pleasure to get to know students and their families.  As teachers we were able to see about two-thirds of all our students. I found the conference days to be fun and rewarding. Hopefully you did too.
It is hard to believe, but the end of the first term is just around the corner.  November 9th marks the last day of the term. We will be finishing this first term with a unit test scheduled for the 5th of November. That is just about two weeks away. I always try to review with the children the week before their test by going through a study guide and then playing a review game. Combined with some earnest studying, most students are able to do well.
This week students will be working to complete a large map of the world. They will be showing their knowledge of continents, oceans, important latitude/longitude lines, as well as important geographic features such as mountains, rivers, and deserts. It is a challenging assignment, but I provide some class time, and most students enjoy showing what they know about world geography.
Also, this week 6th graders will experience their first school party. It will be Thursday afternoon, during 7th period, to celebrate Halloween. Excitement always runs high, and it will be hard for students to focus. However, it is fun to watch this first rite of passage.  
Oh, by the way I am going to post just some random pictures of conferences and class shots. That way I can post more pictures of the kids.
Finally, I want to see how many students are actually looking at my blog. I will give 5 points extra credit to those students who post a comment or quietly come up and tell me they saw this blog post. :)

Happy conference faces. 

Random classroom shots.

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