Sunday, October 3, 2010

Google Earth! It's a Hit!

Students really enjoyed experimenting and learning with Google Earth. After completing each day’s assignment, they would look up places they knew. Of course the first place they wanted to see was their own home. Most of them now can at least get into the program and know the difference between Layers or Places. Google Earth is a wonderful way to see the world.
Our first real big assignment was also completed this week: Landforms Match-Up Dictionary. Almost every child turned in the assignment. Please check eSIS to see if your student completed his dictionary because the grades have been posted.
This next week we will be learning about the third and fourth themes of geography, and students will have a reading assignment with questions they will need to complete for Thursday. Please feel free to help them with it, just don’t do it for them.
Finally, I was wondering if parents/readers of this blog could make some comments so I can know if anyone is viewing.  I would like to get a feeling for how many people are tuning in to see what is going on in the classroom.

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