Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of the unit test and using the iTouch in the classroom

This week is the end of the second term and the end of our study of Egypt. We have had fun learning about famous pharaohs, pyramids, mummification and Egyptian culture. However, we are looking forward to Asia. Asia is the largest continent with the largest population, and some interesting philosophies to consider. Upcoming will be the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Great Wall, great Chinese inventions, not to mention the uniqueness of Japan. It is an exciting unit of study.
Last week we tried something new. We used the iTouch to practice pronunciation of African countries and to look up new vocabulary. This generation is definitely a technology generation. The kids couldn’t wait to get their iTouch and read the assignment. (Our school has a cart containing about 24 iTouch devices that were purchased for the District with a grant.) I have never seen the students so excited to read. I was able to have two classes use the devices, but the third group missed out because of the 6th grade party. My, but they were disappointed to be left out. However, we will use them again. Enthusiasm was definitely high!

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