Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Royal Names

A cartouche is an oval that royal Pharaohs of Egypt used to display their names. Only Egyptian royalty used these name plates. So, last week we read more about hieroglyphics and then created our own cartouches. The writing of Egyptian hieroglyphics is very beautiful, and I think the children did a great job reflecting the beauty of this artful writing. The pictures that follow this blog show the work students did last week.
I want to remind parents that this next week students (in periods 2, 4, and 7) will finish their persuasive essays they have been working on since December. Class time will be provided for them to type up their essays, but it would be convenient for students to have flash drives so they can also work on their papers at home. This writing assignment is good practice for next year when students will be tested in 7th grade on their writing skills.
We are back in the routine after our winter break. I see a lot of growth since the beginning of the year. The next couple of months I will notice that students are becoming more like seventh graders.  They also tend to get a little more forgetful of assignments. As parents, please be sure to follow up and check eSIS to see if your child is keeping up.   

One final thought. Over break I was able to post a couple of powerpoints some students created at the end of our geography unit.  Check out the link above for "Student Work". I hope to be able to put up more work that students create.

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