Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winding Up Our Study of Egypt

We had a busy, but fun final week of our study of ancient Egypt. Students worked hard to complete a timeline of important Egyptian events. In the second half of class the children also performed some read aloud plays about Egyptian pharaohs and myths. They enjoyed acting the parts and I think we might have some budding actors or actresses.
This next week we finish the Egyptian unit by reading about Nubia and Kush, two African kingdoms to the south of Egypt. These kingdoms interacted very closely with Egypt, and also produced some important black pharaohs who ruled during the 25th dynasty. We will also examine some of Africa’s geography as well.
Student homework this week is a reading assignment about the life of Nelson Mandela. Since there will be no class time allotted for this assignment students will need to work on it at home.
Below are some pictures of the kids working on their timelines and acting out the read aloud plays. My apologies to Blue Block. It seems I forget my camera at the beginning of the day and finally remember it after lunch. I promise to try to do better to get pictures of that block taken and posted.

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