Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking at the Shang Dynasty

We are starting to get deeper into our understanding of China. Last week we completed maps and looked at the early dynasty, the Shang. This dynasty was considered legendary until around the early 1900’s when archeologists finally found artifacts to support the legends. So, for an activity, we examined pictures of artifacts that were found in the tombs of this early Chinese dynasty.
On Thursday we talked about proverbs because this next week we will start learning about Confucius and other Chinese philosophers. Proverbs were important to teaching correct behavior in the Chinese culture. As an assignment, I asked students to find or create a proverb that might have been used in their families. (This is due Tuesday, Feb. 22nd.) We will then take those proverbs and translate them into Chinese characters to be copied. Students will create some beautiful art by copying the Chinese calligraphy, completing a translation, and arranging them together on a background. This is one of my favorite activities of the year. When the students are finished they have a lovely display of Chinese calligraphy.
Below are some pictures of students in the green block examining Shang artifacts and reading the chapter about this dynasty.

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