Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day and Writing Chinese

It was a short week, but even so we managed to produce a little Chinese writing.  Students came Tuesday with their proverbs in hand and then translated them using an online translator. Everyone was very engaged looking up their translation and deciding how they would present their Chinese calligraphy. Some students even chose to go home, and with parent help burned the edges of their parchment. Students produced some lovely displays of family proverbs, or proverbs they just enjoyed in general.
This was also a week for learning about Confucius, Daoism and Legalism. It was also a week to examine Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China. Students considered his effectiveness of rule. Sometimes they found him to be a very effective ruler, but many times a very harsh, and tyrannical leader. They discovered he burned books, killed scholars, and forced the common man to hard labor on the Great Wall.
So, this next week we will be looking at the many inventions we can attribute to the Chinese. They were ahead of their time. We will also try to experience the Silk Road. All of this is new for your children. They know very little about this country and have virtually no background information from which to draw. However, they are eager and committed learners. It is fun to teach when pupils are so interested. Ask your children what they know and are learning. It might surprise you!

Below are some quick pictures of Green Block students with their Chinese writing. ( FYI: This next week I intend to get closer shots of this project and will post them so you can get a better view of student work.)

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