Sunday, February 13, 2011

Studying the Geography of China and the First Dynasty

Last week we focused on the geography of China so students could have an idea where China is and how it developed. Geography always influences the way a civilization develops, and it had a great influence on Chinese civilization. Some of the biggest deserts and tallest mountains isolated this country so that it would develop its own unique culture.  To begin our study, we read about the geography in our texts and used large laminated maps with overhead pens to explore Asia. The children seem to enjoy the large maps and it is one way for them to get some hands-on experience.
This week students will finish creating a map of China (due Thursday, Feb. 17th) and they will also start examining the earliest dynasties: Shang and the legendary Xia. We will also begin exploring the beginnings of Chinese writing and next week will try our hand at it.

Below are pictures of the Blue Block. (I am trying to make up for the times I have overlooked taking pictures of their block.)

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