Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Farewell to Our China and Japan Unit

Last week students ended their study of Asia by completing a commercial about an ancient Chinese or Japanese topic.  These commercials are a really fun creative way for kids to show what they have researched. Making the commercial does take some time, but I never find students who are unengaged.  On Monday we will enjoy watching each other’s work and I hope to embed some of their work in next week’s blog.  So check back to see if I am able to post some of our class iMovies. (Keep your fingers crossed!)
Our final unit of study for this school year will be a focus on Latin America. In this unit we learn the geography of our Middle and South American neighbors, and also the history/culture of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas. I enjoy studying these civilizations and find students do to. Recently unraveling Mayan mysteries has become easier for Mayan experts because they can connect more with each other through the Internet. So, often what we learn in class is new and cutting edge. I’ve also found students are fascinated by the Aztec practice of sacrifice, and are amazed at Inca innovations that helped them to survive in the high Andes. The end of the year is quickly coming, but hopefully we will be too busy learning to notice.
Below are pictures of students working on their commercials and taking their China/Japan unit test.

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