Sunday, May 22, 2011

Public Works, Chocolate Day, and the Aztecs

As we come to the end of the year, kids are having a harder time sitting quietly and paying attention. I, too, am suffering from Spring Fever. This week though we had some events to hold our interest. First of all, we continued with our study of the Maya civilization. Then on Wednesday the city came and presented its Public Works displays. Tualatin City workers created stations in the lower parking lot for students to experience the different services the city has for its citizens. The kids got to run recycle relays, sit in a police car, and participate in various other exhibits.
Finally, we declared Friday to be our Chocolate Day! The Mayas and Aztecs were the first civilizations to enjoy the benefits of chocolate, and so we celebrated their discovery. Students were very excited to be able to eat candy in class, unfortunately I think a few consumed a little too much. Hopefully, no one came home sick.
We also began our study of the Aztecs last week, and will continue to learn about them through next week. They were a very interesting people who built a beautiful capital city, Tenochtitlan, that was beyond anything in Europe at the time. Next week will be engaging as we study Aztec daily life, and ponder why they sacrificed.
Below are pictures of students enjoying Chocolate Day and participating in the Public Works displays.

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