Sunday, May 29, 2011

Winding Down with a Study of South America

We are nearing the end of our study of ancient civilizations. Last week we finished looking at the Aztecs. These next two upcoming weeks we will study the geography of South America and the Incas. It is getting harder for students to listen and focus as they anticipate the end of school. It is also getting harder for me to keep their attention. This behavior is typical, however, and students seem to continue to learn despite their eagerness for the end.
South America does have interesting geography. It is in South America the world’s largest rain forest and river exist. South America also has the Andes Mountains which stretch the length of its west coast. They are the longest, as well as second highest mountains in the world.  
Finally, we will look at the Inca civilization after we finish our South American maps. The Incas were an amazing culture that was able to rule an empire encompassing more than 9 million people and almost half a million square miles. They created stone citadels without mortar, and suspension bridges from fields of grass. They were a unique and amazing people.
The pictures that follow show students working on South American maps and using the iTouch as they read in Jr. Scholastic about Brazil.

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