Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 2011 Almost Over!

It is hard to believe, but we are almost through the first month of school. Students seem finally settled in and familiar with class routine. They have learned how to do Daily Oral Social Studies, and they have the procedure down for getting, managing and caring for the iPads. They are very proud of them. We also continue to learn new ways of working with our iPads.

This week students practiced reading fluency by recording their voices as they read using a recording app on the iPad. This practice is just the beginning. I intend to have students practice fluency on a regular basis with hopes that reading skills will increase. In fact, we will be keeping track of fluency and reading scores to see if working with the iPads this way will help students read better.

As well as reading with the iPads this week, students also practiced latitude and longitude, and learned about the Five Themes of Geography. We focused specifically on theme one, Location, which answers the question "Where is a place located?" On Friday students learned the second theme, which describes what places are like. So this next week students will learn about different landforms so they can describe characteristics of a place. Please check the calendar on my web site ( as they will have homework due Thursday that has them continuing to practice latitude and longitude. They will also be starting a landform dictionary that will be due Oct. 6th which we will work on in class. Be aware that if students cannot finish it in class they will need to complete it at home.

Enjoy the pictures that follow. They are of students practicing keyboarding, which we also started this week.