Saturday, October 8, 2011

Landform Dictionaries Are Done

Students worked very hard this week to complete their landform dictionaries and they did a great job. In fact some student work can described with one word: WOW! I am very encouraged by such superb effort.

Besides practicing our landforms this last week, we also learned about famous world landmarks. Students were very intrigued by these important world monuments. Next week should be fun as we explore places around the world using Google Earth as part of our keyboarding sessions. Down the road I hope we will be able to create some fun presentations about them.

We continue to work on geography skills, and students will next learn about the 4th and 5th themes of geography, which will connect with such map skills as scale and time zones.

The following pictures show students in class working with their iPads to locate deserts of the world, and I have one picture of some great student work. (Sorry, about so few pictures. I will make an extra effort this next week to get more shots.)

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