Saturday, October 1, 2011

Learning about Landforms and Physical Features

We had a very busy week applying the second theme of geography by learning about physical features of the earth. Students used their iPads to look at pictures I uploaded from my powerpoint, and then we defined landforms together. They held the digital pictures/definitions in their hands, while I explained details about the landforms at the Smartboard. It worked great and the iPads helped them visually to complete their landform dictionary.

The landform dictionary is the first big project they have worked on in Social Studies and they are working hard in class to complete it. Please check to see how your student is doing since it is due next Thursday, Oct. 6th and they will probably need to also work on it at home.

During this first term we will continue to practice geography skills such as finding elevation, calculating distances with scale, and locating important places in the world. The term is flying by and it is hard to believe that the first month of school is already over. However, I see a lot of growth as 6th graders settle into the routine of middle school. They are truly growing up.

Below are some pictures of students working on their landform dictionaries and working to complete a crossword about landforms.

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