Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of the First Term

I feel students ended their first term on a high note. They finally have the routine down and know what it takes to do well in middle school. Many have made great progress figuring out the middle school system. Others made the transition from elementary to middle school without any problems.
Grades are now done and parents should be receiving their child’s grades in the mail at the end of next week. If you know how to use eSIS I have posted final grades for Social Studies, so you can check to see how your student finished the first term. Overall I think students did very well.
Last week we started studying a new topic, Mesopotamia, or modern day Iraq and Syria. Mesopotamia is considered the cradle of civilization. From this ancient people we can trace the beginning of laws, writing, and the wheel. We don’t spend long looking at this ancient people, but it is an important topic that helps students to understand what makes a civilization and causes a people to settle in a community. It also gives them insight into the Middle East.
Below are pictures I took of students as they read in Jr. Scholastic magazine, and practiced reading fluency.

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