Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween and the Geography Unit Test

We had a very busy week which began with many students in costume and the 6th grade Halloween party. It is a big day for many students because the party is their first celebration in Middle School. However, despite all the excitement, students were able to review and prepare for their test over geography. The rest of the week was spent reviewing for the test by going over a study guide. The kids really worked hard and I am feel like all the work paid off because overall students did well on the test.
It was also a fun week because during the second half of class students finished their presentations entitled “What Am I?” In these presentations students gave clues and slowly revealed a picture about a famous landmark or place in the world. Their peers tried to figure out what the landmark was based on the clue and the revealed picture. The kids really enjoyed it and asked it we could do more presentations in the classroom.
Last week ended our official study of geography with a unit test on Friday. This next week we will begin preparing to study Mesopotamia, or ancient Iraq, the “Cradle of Civilization.” This is a great unit to lay a foundation for our study of ancient civilizations.
Hope you enjoy the pictures below of students in their Halloween costumes.

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