Sunday, November 20, 2011

A New Term, New Settlements, and a New Pattern of Laws

We started a new term and are now fully into our study of Mesopotamia. Students learned this week how important a stable food supply is for creating new settlements. Without a stable food supply it is very difficult for towns, jobs, and trade to develop. So students saw the critical importance having access to steady food was (and still is) for progress.
Also this week, we discussed the Babylonian king Hammurabi and his code of laws. His laws were important because he posted them for everyone to see, and they are considered the first great legal document. It was fun discussing them with students because they realized laws from long ago can be entirely different from laws today.
After we come back from Thanksgiving we will continue our study of Mesopotamia and discuss seven characteristics of civilizations. This is important because it lays the foundation for the rest of the year as we examine other ancient civilizations.
Below are pictures of students as they discussed and considered some of Hammurabi’s laws.

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