Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy with Persuasive Writing and Royal Mummies!

Students (in periods 2, 4, and 7) have been busy writing to convince readers that a particular Egyptian pharaoh, monument, or achievement is the best. Besides learning about important Egyptians or places we also tried something new: using Google Docs to create a written essay. By using Google Docs students were able to type their rough drafts at school and at home. What was particularly exciting was that the children could create their bibliography online, save the template to Google Docs and the bibliography would be created on a Google Docs page correctly formatted. What a wonderful tool. I wish it had been available when I was in high school and in college. This is the link to the web site we used for bibliography creation: Oregon School Library Information System Citation Maker, About half of students have printed out their writing, with the other half scheduled to print out their essays on Monday. This means that by using Google Docs for writing our rough drafts we were able to finish our papers about three days sooner. Yoo Hoo!
Besides working on writing skills, students were busy during the first half of class creating mummy cases for a phantom pharaoh (or queen). They now know some of the symbols Egyptian royalty used to establish their credibility. The children first painted their background gold, and did a quick rough draft of their mummy case. Then they drew their designs onto the gold case, outlined the design in black, and painted on some color.  This assignment was a fun way to be creative and artistic. So the pictures I took this week were of students busy at work creating a royal case for their mummy. Plus, I have also included a short video of students doing fluency practice. (It reminds me of "blab school"!)

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