Saturday, January 28, 2012

The End of the Second Term and our Egypt Unit

This next week will mark the end of the second term, or first semester for this school year. It seems like the past months have just flown by. We have been very busy practicing reading fluency, learning geography, studying ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. It has been interesting to watch the children mature and learn the ropes of being successful middle school students. This past week we brought some closure to our unit about Egypt by completing timelines showing the chronology of Egyptian history.
Next week students will learn about the African or Black pharaohs of Egypt as we study about Nubia (modern day Sudan), and learn how the two cultures of Egypt and Nubia affected each other. Nubian history is a relatively new field and there are new discoveries all the time.
We will also finish up our unit this coming Thursday by having a special assembly on mummification. A teacher from another school reenacts a ceremony showing the process Egyptians used to preserve their dead. We have done it the last couple of years for all Hazelbrook sixth graders and they seem to really enjoy it.
Below are pictures of students working on their timelines and the royal mummies they created displayed on the bulletin board . 

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