Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians

We are now getting farther into Egyptian culture. Last week students were given an assignment introducing them to the basics of Egyptian hieroglyphics. They had to read an article, answer questions and then find the meaning of clues given for some hieroglyphs. It was enlightening, intriguing, and hopefully also fun.
We also continued to read and learn about the long history of the Egyptians. As well, students (in the second half of class) were given a quick look at famous monuments and people to give them some background for a long-term project. They will be writing a persuasive paper convincing the reader that a particular ruler, monument, or achievement was the best. We are currently researching in the library. Students came home with a calendar so that parents can know deadlines in advance. Please help your student to be timely and prepared. 
I fully intended to take pictures this week while we were in the library and even took my camera out to get “action” shots. However, almost immediately I was so distracted helping students that pictures did not get taken.  So, instead of showing pictures from this past week I will include pictures from the week before we left for break. That was the last week that my student teacher, Ms. Byers, was at school. She was a great help and addition to class. We will miss her. Photos will include student work of Mesopotamian Real Estate Ads. I think they did a great job!

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