Saturday, January 14, 2012

Royal Names

One way Egyptologists knew they had found a royal tomb was if the tomb had the markings of a cartouche. A cartouche is an elliptical shape with a horizontal line on one end. Inside would be the hieroglyphs of a pharaoh’s name. The past week students looked at the cartouches of some famous pharaohs: Ramses II, Tutankhamen, and Hatshepsut. Then using a hieroglyph translator they created a cartouche of their name. This project is a great way for students to show their understanding of Egyptian writing.
During the second half of class we continued to work on persuasive writing. Students finished researching in the library and are now in the midst of writing their rough draft, and we are trying something new. We are using Google Docs to type of the paper. This way students can work on their essay at home as well as at school. Hopefully, typing up our rough draft will allow us to finish our writing sooner instead of taking a week to write the rough draft and then a week to type up the final draft.
Below are pictures of students and their cartouches, as well as students working on their persuasive papers.

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