Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goodbye Egypt, Hello Asia

This next week students will complete their study of Egypt by taking a unit test on Thursday.  As usual, we will go over a study guide (Monday and Tuesday), and then play a review game on Wednesday. Most children do well because of their high interest in the subject and because of the review we do in class. Look for your child to bring home the work they completed about Egypt. Reviewing their papers should help them study for the test.
After we complete our test about Egypt we will be moving on to a study of Asia. Our unit will begin with a quick look at India’s subcontinent and the beginning of Buddhism. After this quick study of India we will examine the geography of Asia and then focus on China and Japan.
This past week we had Maria Copelan, a teacher in the district, put on a presentation about mummification for the whole sixth grade study body. Her reenactment has become a tradition and the students seem to really enjoy it. I took some pictures of the assembly, but they are not the best. So the photos with this blog are some long shots of Thursday’s assembly. 

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