Thursday, March 15, 2012

Traveling the Silk Road

Some of the best things about our textbook are the activities that come with the chapters. This week we got to travel the Silk Road. Using blue paint tape I created a route for students to follow going over mountains, through the Taklamakan Desert, past lions and scorpions, and slipping by bandits. The kids really enjoyed it, and when our journey was finished we discussed what it would have been like for merchants to travel the Silk Road. 
This week was also the week we learned that the first emperor of China was not a black and white character. He did some great things, like create a country, but he also ruled harshly and killed a lot of people in the process. Students are starting to realize history can be complicated. 
Next week we will be finishing up our month long study of China, and there is no way you can really study China in a month. 
Below are pictures of students traveling the Silk Road.

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