Saturday, September 29, 2012

Practicing the Second Theme of Geography

The second theme of geography is called “Place” and helps students answer the question “What is it like at that place?” Many places have unique physical features and special human characteristics. So this week students learned some important landforms they will need to know as we study ancient civilizations. To show their understanding they are working on a landform dictionary where they match terms, definitions and pictures. Friday their text for the dictionary was due, and the complete project will be due on Thursday, Oct. 4th.
Besides working on landforms, students also began learning how to keyboard. This is something we have taken on as 6th grade Social Studies teachers in order to help students develop proficiency in this skill. Not all students can take it as an elective, so we try to provide another opportunity for them. 

Pictures that follow are of students working on their dictionary and practicing keyboarding.

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