Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hieroglyphics, Mummies, and Persuasive Papers

It was somewhat of a challenge to get back into the school routine as we came back from break, but by the end of the week things felt normal again. Students spent the week learning about Egyptian writing or hieroglyphs and even used hieroglyphics to create their own cartouche. A cartouche is basically an oval that encircles the names of ancient Egyptian royalty. In the pictures that follow this blog entry students are holding cartouches they made.
This coming next week we will be learning about the process of mummification that the Egyptians used and students will create their own version of a royal mummy case. It really is a creative and fun assignment for students to do as they express their artistic sides.
Also students in periods 2, 4, and 7 will finally begin writing the persuasive essays they have been researching. Their rough drafts are due on Friday, Jan. 18th , with final copies due the next week.

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