Sunday, April 7, 2013

End of the Third Term and War Lords of Japan

This week marks the end of the third term. Friday will be a teacher workday so that we can post our grades. Students are well on their way to becoming 7th graders. Therefore as 6th grade teachers we “up” our expectations of students. We tend not to excuse late work as much, and let students suffer more of the consequences of their actions. I want you to know that I always give students missing work slips to remind them of work they have not turned in. During conferences I also gave many students notice of work that had not been completed. Hopefully, students have taken advantage of these reminders and are up to date. If they have not, their grades might not be as high as desired. Take heart, these actions are meant to help students get ready for next year.
Last Friday we began the simulation War Lords of Japan. In this simulation students learn about medieval Japan and the time when the military class ruled the country. This is a very fun way to learn the history of Japan and it is my favorite study during the school year. Don’t be surprised if you find your student busy every evening of the simulation reading an essay on the selected history for the next day.  They will be preparing for a quiz whereby their team can earn armies to hopefully capture another team’s castle. The simulation functions a lot like the game of Risk and teams work to capture other teams to become the shogun of Japan. Look for future blogs to see pictures of students busy working to help their team win the position of supreme military commander of Japan.

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