Sunday, April 21, 2013

War Lords of Japan Simulation Continued

The War Lords of Japan simulation has been a huge success. Tomorrow will be the last day of the simulation and blocks will discover which team will be shogun of Japan. Team leaders have been battling their way to castle dominance and there are alliances in place in each block. Our toe-to-toe battles have been the most exciting. In toe-to-toes, teams competed to be first with answers to questions about Japanese history. These battles are what make the War Lords of Japan simulation so exciting and next weekend I will post pictures of winning teams.

Since War Lords is over tomorrow, we will be spending the rest of the week preparing for our end of the unit test over China and Japan on Friday, April 26th. Please remind your student that they will need to study for the test. I will give students a study guide which we will go over on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we'll play a review game on Thursday to further help prepare for the exam.

Below are more pictures of teams in the simulation War Lords of Japan.

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