Monday, May 27, 2013

Chocolate Day

Last Friday we continued our study of the Mayas and Aztecs by celebrating with chocolate. These civilizations were some of the earliest to discover the virtues of chocolate, although they drank theirs mixed with water, and chili added in. It is rumored that Montezuma drank up to 50 cups a day! We however, settled for just a few bars, and in one case some chocolate cake. We will continue our study of Latin American to the end of the school year, and right now are learning about the Incas of South America. This is a fun unit of study which is focused closer to home on the Americas.

Below are pictures of some students enjoying Chocolate Day.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Alternate Outdoor School Experience

This year was the first time that I did not go to Outdoor School. That's because this year we have five teachers on our Seahawk's team and someone needed to stay back with students who didn't go. I am proud to say that those of us left behind actually had a great experience thanks to Tualatin city and their wonderful volunteer team, Victoria Eggleston and Jackie Konen. On Wednesday and Thursday, students worked with the city to plant native plants and remove invasive species plants along the Tualatin River banks. They worked their hearts out. Then on Friday we walked to Jurgens Park, learned about the park, and did a scavenger hunt. All three days we ate our lunch outside, read our books in the shade at school,  and just had an overall great time. Below are some pictures of our experience.