Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back-to-School-Night (Week of Sept.16-20)

It was great to meet so many parents on Back-to-School-Night. Hopefully the evening helped you to know what to expect for your child this year and what resources are available for you online.
This last week students continued to practice with latitude and longitude, and most were successful in mastering the homework.  They were also introduced to the Five Themes of Geography. We defined themes one and two. The second theme is called “Place”, which describes what a place is like. So students will learn about landforms this next week and then work on a project where they define and show examples with a Keynote presentation.
So far students have done well in turning in their assignments on time, but homework for this week will not be as prescribed. Instead students will need to make sure they have chosen a list of their ten landforms and examples to show in their Keynote presentation.
Below are some pictures of students in class doing keyboarding and looking at maps.

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