Saturday, October 26, 2013

Parent Conferences and the End of the First Term

It was a pleasure to meet many parents at conferences last week. I feel that students are being successful in their transition into middle school and it was fun to share their success with parents.
We are quickly approaching the end of the first term. November 6th will be the last day of the term, with a geography unit final scheduled for Nov. 5th. I will go over a study guide with the children, and then we’ll play a review game, all in preparation for the test.
On Nov. 6th we are scheduled to finish our geography unit with a visit to the Durham Water Treatment Facility. It promises to be an exciting and educational day.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learning How to Preserve Water Quality

The past week students culminated their study about water quality by learning where their own drinking water came from, namely the Bull Run Watershed. They also learned that the Tualatin River Watershed is where Hazelbrook is located, and had a guest speaker from Clean Water Services explain how water is treated, plus the importance of water quality facilities. We then worked with the city of Tualatin to plant Oregon Grape, Snow Berry, and Red Twig bushes at the Hazelbrook water quality facility down the street.  The children really worked hard to plant 390 bushes, and spread almost two trucks of mulch.
On Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, students have a world map that is due. Parent-teacher conferences will be on Wednesday evening and all day Thursday. Please make sure to schedule an appointment with your child’s Hawk Time teacher.
Below are pictures of students enjoying planting on Thursday, Oct. 17th.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Looking at Water Quality in the World

The past week students began looking at water quality in the world. During my trip to Peru this past summer I became aware of the problems developing countries have with water quality. Millions of children die from bad water or lack of water, and large amounts of man power is wasted just trying to have access to good water.

So students viewed some short videos explaining the water issues of Lima, Peru, and read some articles clarifying the issues. It was a good exercise in reading for information and completing short answer questions. In the spring, students will be required to complete and reading/writing assignment where they show their comprehension through their writing skills. We are beginning to practice those skills now so that they will be able to perform competently for the reading/ writing test. I think they were surprised at the water problems that exist for many countries and found that we take our clean water for granted.

This next week we will begin looking at our water sources and then help the city of Tualatin with planting at the Hazelbrook Water Quality Facility located at Hazelbrook Rd and 111th. We will also have a guest speaker in our classes come tell us how to conserve water and about our river sources on Wednesday. So this promises to be a very busy week as we examine the water we use.

Pictures are of students reading about water shortages in Peru and answering the questions.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Learning about Major Physical Features of the World

Students finished their keynote presentations this week and did a great job. Using the iPad for this project makes it almost foolproof to accomplish and it was fun to see the many examples students were able to find.
As we were working on our keynotes, we also looked up major deserts and mountain ranges of the world. We will continue these investigations next week as we discover major world seas, and rivers.
Finally, last week I introduced my Peru trip to students and we were able to talk about water quality. Students also completed their first map of the year, a map of Peru. It was a good introductory map for them to learn mapping skills, since their next map will be a much more challenging map of the world.