Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learning How to Preserve Water Quality

The past week students culminated their study about water quality by learning where their own drinking water came from, namely the Bull Run Watershed. They also learned that the Tualatin River Watershed is where Hazelbrook is located, and had a guest speaker from Clean Water Services explain how water is treated, plus the importance of water quality facilities. We then worked with the city of Tualatin to plant Oregon Grape, Snow Berry, and Red Twig bushes at the Hazelbrook water quality facility down the street.  The children really worked hard to plant 390 bushes, and spread almost two trucks of mulch.
On Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, students have a world map that is due. Parent-teacher conferences will be on Wednesday evening and all day Thursday. Please make sure to schedule an appointment with your child’s Hawk Time teacher.
Below are pictures of students enjoying planting on Thursday, Oct. 17th.

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