Sunday, October 13, 2013

Looking at Water Quality in the World

The past week students began looking at water quality in the world. During my trip to Peru this past summer I became aware of the problems developing countries have with water quality. Millions of children die from bad water or lack of water, and large amounts of man power is wasted just trying to have access to good water.

So students viewed some short videos explaining the water issues of Lima, Peru, and read some articles clarifying the issues. It was a good exercise in reading for information and completing short answer questions. In the spring, students will be required to complete and reading/writing assignment where they show their comprehension through their writing skills. We are beginning to practice those skills now so that they will be able to perform competently for the reading/ writing test. I think they were surprised at the water problems that exist for many countries and found that we take our clean water for granted.

This next week we will begin looking at our water sources and then help the city of Tualatin with planting at the Hazelbrook Water Quality Facility located at Hazelbrook Rd and 111th. We will also have a guest speaker in our classes come tell us how to conserve water and about our river sources on Wednesday. So this promises to be a very busy week as we examine the water we use.

Pictures are of students reading about water shortages in Peru and answering the questions.

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