Saturday, November 9, 2013

Celebrating the End of Term with a Field Trip

We were able to take a field trip to the Durham Water Treatment Facility last Wednesday, the final day of the first term. Although it rained all the time we were outside, the students seemed to enjoy learning how water is cleaned at the facility. One of the things we were told is that 5 million gallons of water go through the facility every day.
We saw where the raw sewage came in, and then the different stages of purification. It was amazing to see how the water is cleaned and prepared so that it can then be put into the Tualatin River.
On another note, grades have been prepared and should be mailed out by the end of next week. With our geography unit over we will now be studying about Mesopotamia, the “cradle of civilization.”  This will be completely new for students, but it is important for their understanding of how civilizations begin and flourish.
Below are pictures of students at the Durham Water Treatment Facility

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