Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Costumes and End of Term Geography Test

It is always fun to see students on Halloween. They come in imaginative costumes which show their creativity, and I enjoy taking their pictures so I can post them on the blog. Halloween can be a difficult day because the children lose focus, but I was proud of students this year as they worked hard to keep up with their work.
Besides being a busy holiday time of year, we are also busy at school since Wednesday will be the last day of the first term. That means we will have a geography unit test on Tuesday, and we will finish the term with our Durham Water Treatment field trip on Wednesday. Last week I went over a study guide with students to help them know what to study to be successful for the unit test.
This next week will be a short one at school for students because Thursday is an in-service day for teachers, and Friday is a work day for grades to be inputted. That means there will be no school on Thursday or Friday, and then Monday, Nov. 11th, there will be no school because it is Veterans Day.
Below are pictures of students in their Halloween costumes at school.

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