Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reading Fluency Practice

Since the beginning of the term we have been very involved reading our History Alive textbooks. We read the text aloud and then discuss it. Over the years I have found that this is the best way for students to understand the information. I can assess how much students comprehend and add any important details to help them in their understanding. By hearing them read aloud I can also determine their reading skills. One way to help students improve in their reading comprehension is to help them in their reading fluency. So this week I introduced students to a method of reading fluency practice. I have students record themselves, reading aloud for a minute from a short text. Then they play back the recording and listen to themselves. They count any mistakes they made, and then we do the exercise all over again. The second time is hopefully better than the first. The students finish reading the article, and then go online to answer questions about the text. In this way they also practice their reading comprehension skills.
Below are pictures of students practicing reading fluency.

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