Saturday, January 25, 2014

Egyptian Time Lines and a Quick Look at Nubia

This week students worked hard to complete a time line of Egypt’s history. This was an opportunity to learn several things: how to prioritize an assignment, and how to chronologically match historical events with their correct picture. It was interesting to watch children figure out how they should go about the assignment. Some attacked as they always do, with energy and determination. Others were a little slower in effort and then realized they only had three days to accomplish a task they had misjudged. Completing the Egyptian time line is misleading because it is deceptively simple, yet takes some time to do. All in all however, students were diligent in getting it done, and almost everyone showed up Friday with it done.
We are actually almost finished in our study of Egypt. Next week students will learn about Nubia and Kush, Egypt’s neighbors to the south. It was the black African Pharaohs from Nubia who rescued and ruled Egypt during dynasty 25. Then the following week, after looking at Nubia, we will spend a few days getting ready for our unit final over Egypt.
Below are a few pictures showing students with their time lines and the mummy cases they worked on last week.

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