Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Fond Farewell to Egypt

We are at the end of our study of Egypt. This next week students will have a test over Egypt and its neighbor to the south, Nubia. We spent the last week studying this ancient kingdom, which is modern day Sudan. Nubia, also know as Kush, had an interesting relationship with Egypt. It was often a relationship of conflict, but also one of conquest. In fact, Egypt conquered and controlled Nubia for a good 500 years. As well, the black African pharaohs of Dynasty 25 controlled Egypt for about 100 years.
Once we have finished with our Egyptian unit we will be on to studying ancient China. We begin this unit by first looking at the beginning of Buddhism, since Buddhism is an important religion in Asia. Also, Buddhist monks spread this religion from India to China and Japan, both cultures we will be studying this spring.

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