Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enjoying China

China is proving to be a surprise and novelty for Seahawks 6th graders. This week they learned how Confucius developed his philosophies because of the precarious Warring States Period in China. During this 250-year period of turbulence other philosophies also began, philosophies like Daoism and Legalism. Legalism and its harsh methods were chosen by the Qin dynasty to lead the very first empire in China. It proved to be a method that allowed the emperor of Qin to unify the fighting states, but it also alienated the people because of its harshness. At the emperor’s death the people rebelled, throwing out his son as ruler, and ending the dynastic reign of the Qin.
This past week students worked hard to create some beautiful Chinese writing examples. Next week they will have no homework because they will be completing an informative writing test in class.
Below are pictures of students holding their Chinese writing projects, and participating in a class discussion about the first emperor of Qin.

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