Sunday, October 26, 2014

End of the Term is Quickly Approaching

It was great to meet with parents and families this last week for conferences. I can hardly believe that the first term is almost over. I really think that students are finally becoming 6th graders. As we come to the end of the term there are some assignments that parents should be aware of in Social Studies. First, this week students need to complete a world map that will be due on Wednesday, Oct. 29th. There will be some time available in class on Monday and Tuesday to work on it, but students will need to work at home to complete it on time. Hopefully, you have noticed them working on it. Second, there will be a comprehensive geography test next week, Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Students should be preparing for that test now. We will go over a study guide this week, however reviewing concepts and skills everyday will help prepare for the test.

The second term begins November 12th. We will then begin our study of ancient civilizations by first determining what is needed for early settlements to develop and a civilization to be created. The first actual civilization we will look at will be Mesopotamia, or ancient Iraq. This is usually all new for students, but also exciting for them.

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