Sunday, September 20, 2015

Learning about Geography

Students spent the first full week of school reviewing their understanding of continents and learning about hemispheres. They also spent time practicing locating items with alpha-numeric grids. This is all background to help students understand latitude and longitude, which we will begin this next week. Friday students also used Cornell notes to read a Jr. Scholastic article about the Middle East. Hazelbrook School has students use Cornell notes as part of a school-wide effort to teach students effective organization and study skills.

Besides learning new geography and organization skills, we also had school pictures this week. Whew! We did a lot last week, and this next week parents can expect us to continue to be very busy. Besides learning latitude and longitude, students will also learn about the first themes of geography. As well, on Friday they will run a Jog-a-Thon, the school's only fund raiser. Please check the calendars on this web site to keep current with what your student is doing, and to keep up with what students are doing for homework.

Below are pictures of students creating continents and researching facts about them.

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