Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halfway Through the First Term

We are halfway through the first term. It is hard to believe because the time has gone by so quickly. Students have learned a lot since the beginning of school. They have learned how to navigate through middle school, through new classes and schedules, and they are learning how to be more independent.

This next week we will have parent-teacher conferences. This is an important time to check with your students to see how they are feeling and coping with school. Hopefully, by now you and your child have figured out how to access Synergy so you can see their grades and keep up with their homework. If not, then this is something we will be talking about at conferences to hopefully help you get underway using this online tool. Don’t forget you can also check my online calendars to help you know what your students is doing at school

We just finished several weeks of keyboarding in Flex class. However, all students in Social Studies and Flex can practice keyboarding at home if they so desire. They have been given login cards with usernames and passwords. It is just that Flex was the only class where we had time to address keyboarding.

Below are some pictures of students keyboarding and of Ms. Brands class visiting to collect data for science.