Sunday, February 21, 2016

On to China

We finished our unit on ancient Egypt, and have begun our study of ancient China. Last week we looked at the geography of China, and students are presently working on a map. China is interesting because of its place in the affairs of the world today. Plus, it has one of the longest histories, some of the biggest mountains, and one of the longest rivers in the world.

As part of our unit study, we will take a look at some environmental issues affecting China today as they have pushed to be the number one country economically. In their push for supremacy, they have developed some environmental problems, one of which is water pollution. We will discuss in class what we can do to prevent such issues in our community, and then with the assistance of the city of Tualatin will perform a service project on Hazelbrook property. Just outside our classroom is a water quality facility, or bioswale. On March 15th, the city will provide the materials, and students will provide the manpower. It is an exciting opportunity to help the city and our school. Any parents who would like to volunteer to help will be welcomed. Please look for a flyer to be sent home this next week. I will also be emailing families about the particulars.

Below are pictures of students working on some of their last projects during our study of Egypt.

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