Sunday, March 27, 2016

Continuing Our Study of Asia

Students just completed study of ancient China, which was a peek at a new culture that was new to most of them. Some of the things they learned were how China acquired its name, how it compares in size to the U.S., and students learned about the inventiveness of the ancient Chinese. In fact, many of the objects people use everyday were invented in China. Students also became aware of the environmental issues that China is experiencing today because of its push to be the economic leader of the world. After looking at China's pollution problems we discussed some things being done in our community to keep our water clean. Then we coordinated with the City of Tualatin to plant native plants in a water quality facility on Hazelbrook's campus. The plants will help filter water that drains down to the river.

Since we have basically finished our study of ancient China, we will now be looking at Japan to continue our study of Asia. This unit of study is probably the favorite of many of my students. In this unit we learn about Japan's history by forming teams and competing to become the shogun of Japan.

I am including a large number of pictures with this post showing students working to plant the water quality facility on our campus.