Sunday, April 24, 2016

War Lords of Japan

We are having fun learning Japan's history by participating in a simulation called War Lords of Japan. In this simulation, students work as teams to become the shogun of Japan. In the 1500's, powerful warlords in Japan fought each other to become the most powerful man of the islands. They used skilled samurai warriors to carry out their commands and take over regions until they controlled all. The emperor(s) at this time were weak, while the shogun (supreme military commander) ran the show. This will be our last week of the simulation, as students read background essays every night, gain armies through quizzes to move on the board, and hopefully conquer (through questions) opposing teams' castles. It is a lot of fun, and students learn history as well.

Below are pictures of students working together in teams as they participate in War Lords of Japan.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Seahawks Outdoor School Pictures

Students had a great time at outdoor school. They were busy learning about the water cycle, different layers of soil, different plants, and wildlife. Students got wet, muddy, and had an all-around traditional outdoor school experience. Below are pictures of our experience at Cedar Ridge Outdoor School.