Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goodbye Ancient Egypt, Hello Ancient China

Term two's snow days had an impact on our study of Egypt. I have to admit at times learning seemed disjointed. However, students persevered and were able to recover. This week will be the last in our study of ancient Egypt. We will spend the next two days in review using Cornell Notes, and then students will have an Egypt Unit test on Wednesday.

Our next unit we explore will be ancient China. This is one of my favorite units because of China's long and fascinating history. However, it is often difficult for children because they usually don't have much background with Asian cultures. So look forward to your student learning about the first emperor of China, Qin Shi-huangdi, as well as exploring Chinese writing, and discovering Confucius.

One of the final projects in our Egypt unit study was to create a video about an Egyptian monument. I think students enjoyed this assignment and had fun researching tourist sites in Egypt. Below are some pictures showing students working on the project.

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