Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pictures from War Lords of Japan

Classes are intense, excitement in evident, and students are having fun battling for control of Japan. We are in the middle of the history simulation entitled War Lords of  Japan. This simulation is a great way to learn the history of this island country. Students read background essays everyday and then takes quizzes as teams to earn armies they place on the board. We are having loads of fun in the classroom and energy levels are high. Thursday of this week will be the last day of the simulation, and then on Friday students will take a short quiz over Japan.

Below are pictures of students working in their teams during class.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

War Lords of Japan

I just looked at the last post and realized it has been some time since I posted what we are doing in class. Where has the time gone? We finished China in March and have been studying Japan since the week before Spring Break. A big event happened in my family over break, my youngest daughter had a baby, and that is probably why I have lost track. I was able to spend two weeks with her and my grandchildren during such a precious time. Thanks to my substitute, class was able to continue in a timely fashion.

This week students will begin a simulation of Japan's history during the year 1599. This is the time of shoguns and war lords. Students are very engaged by competing in teams to earn armies, and conquer enemy castles as they strive to become the shogun of Japan. Competition can get intense, but for me there is joy watching students work hard to read and learn history. Many times children will take home work to earn extra moves for their clan. So, be prepared to strap on your sword, don your body armor, and learn right along with your child of samurai times of ancient Japan.

Below are pictures of students working on a Chinese writing/proverb project.