Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We Have Winners!

War Lords of Japan is over and I think most students had fun learning about Japan. It is the highlight of my year to be able to teach about the history of this fascinating country. Students worked hard and "fought" hard for their teams to become the shogun of Japan. It was a very busy two weeks for me doing six periods of high energy activities with our middle-schoolers. However, it is all worth it to see their thinking and to enjoy their enthusiasm.We ended our Japan unit study with a test on Friday. Students can retake and make up their quizzes/test, but must do so by Friday of this week. We are now on to learning about Latin America.

Below are the pictures of the winning teams.
Period 1 Team Edo 

Period 2 Team Sendai
Period 3 Team Nagasaki

Period 4 Team Shikoku

Period 6 Team Hokkaido

Period 7 Team Sendai